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Taxi private excursion in Arkadi, Rethymno & Chania.

From history to the modern life.

Through a beautiful route we are heading west where you can admire from a panoramic view the beautiful village of the St. Pelagia. Our first stop is Fodele, birthplace of Dominikos Theotokopoulos (El Creco). Continuing our route, we can see the beautiful fishing village of Bali with a coastal resort built on the hilltops of a small peninsula with view to the bay and the sea beneath the Talea Mountains.
We will drive through Psiloritis Mountain (Idi) – the highest mountain, a symbol for Crete- and passing through beautiful villages, we reach the historical Monastery of Arkadi, a symbol of sacrifice and freedom for Crete and Greece.
15 km away, stands the city and necropolis (cemetery) of Ancient Eleutherna. The ongoing excavation has brought to light rich finds from the Geomteric and Archaic period. The site, has been renounced as one of the 10 most important archaeological events worldwide by the American magazine ‘Archeology’.
Continuing our journey, we pass the picturesque town of Rethymnon, with the old town and the Venetian fortress of Fortetza on the north side. Leaving Rethimnon, in a 20km distance lays the endless beach of Georgipouli and the village which is surrounded by eucalyptus trees. Further west, wonderful sites succeed one another in a full of trees route and with the view of the White Mountains accompanying us through the way. We reach the biggest natural port of Greece, Souda Bay with a destination towards the old town of Chania. The town of Chania is a touristic attraction for thousands of tourists every year, with many interesting spots and the old town being the most beautiful area of the city. A walk around the town will make you feel like taking a walk back in time, wandering around narrow streets of cobblestone and the very well preserved old houses with their people welcoming you with a genuine smile.
You can also see the fortress of Firka and enjoy the view of the old port and the small houses, cafés and taverns. If you would like, we can stop at the German or British cemetery of Maleme and in Souda. On our way back we visit the town of Rethymno.

A walk around the streets of the old town, the old port and the long beach will be a memorable experience!


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