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Taxi private excursion in Gortys, Phaestos & Matala.

From North to South.

Traveling from the fertile plain of Malevisi and other small villages of the mainland (the biggest being that of Agia Varvara), we reach the Messara Plain. Messara Plain is the productive heart of Crete with millions of olive trees, vines, and hundreds of hectares of farming products and greenhouses.
Our first stop is ancient Gortys, one of the most powerful cities of Crete throughout antiquity and capital of the island during Roman and Proto-byzantine periods.
After Gortys and through the Messara Plain, we reach the archaeological site of Phaistos. Phaistos was the second biggest Minoan city which included a Palace houses, and cemeteries. Here, the famous disk of Phaistos was discovered, a ceramic object onto which 241 symbols were inscribed on both sides in a spiral shape. Archaeologists are yet unable to decipher this inscription; it has however been an object of several archaeological discussions.
In a very near distance from Phaistos, is Agia Triada, a central archaeological site with unique natural beauty. There, stands one of the Minoan Villas and is an important remnant of Minoan architecture followed by many rich finds.
Our route continues with a destination towards the famous coastal village of Matala and its amazing beach with the characteristic rock-cut caves. The caves were both pre-historic houses but also their use continued until the 70’s where many hippies from Europe and the world, leaved there!

At the end of our journey you will have experienced an amazing trip and you will be convinced that you made the right choice!


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