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Taxi private excursion in Mountain Psiloritis & Rethymno.

Meet the the traditional way of life.

Through the main road which leads to Anogeia, you can enjoy the view of Malevisi, one of the most fertile areas of Crete with numerous vines and olive trees. At the back, you can see the mountain of Youchtas in which, according to the myth, Zeus is laying asleep, a myth which derives from the anthropomorphic shape of the mountain.
The main route leads us to the village of Tylissos which includes the homonymous archaeological site and through a wonderful drive we reach the Gorge of Gonies and have the opportunity to experience the view of the wild natural beauty of the Cretan Mountains. Further, we can see the amphitheatrically built village of Gonies where the symbol of Crete stands: the mountain of Psiloriti (Idi Mountains).
According to mythology, in the Idean Cave which is right beneath the mountaintop of Psiloritis (Nida) god Zeus was born (other sources also mention Psychro mountain – Eastern Crete).
Leaving this magnificent scenery and after a short - or long!- stop to watch the view of the mountain and the area of Milopotamos, we reach one of the most historically important villages of Crete: Anogeia. Famous for the hospitality of the villagers, Anogeia combines history, tradition and modern life.
Anogeia has suffered from three holocausts from the German Nazis and its people are still well-respected for their fights for freedom. The village has a long tradition of farming products, cheese, folk arts, music, dances and it is by no doubt one of the most worth visiting places of the island.
After the village of Anogeia, we can see the village of Zoniana, where the Sphendoni Cave lies. Sphendoni is one of the most beautiful caves of Greece with rich ‘decoration’ made of stalagmites and stalactites. Our next stop is the village of Axos and many other small and bigger traditional villages such as Margarites. Margarites is a very famous pottery village and it is worthy of visiting the pottery shops and industries.
Continuing west, we reach the historically important monastery of Arkadi, a symbol of sacrifice and freedom for Crete and Greece.
15 km away, stands the city and necropolis (cemetery) of Ancient Eleutherna. The ongoing excavation has brought to light rich finds from the Geomteric and Archaic period. The site has been renounced as one of the 10 most important archaeological events worldwide by the American magazine ‘Archeology’.
Heading NW and through a magnificent view of natural beauty and villages, we reach the coastal town of Rethymnon. There, you can enjoy a walk in the old town, through streets of cobblestone which will make you will feel like traveling back in time.

The Venetian Fortress of Fortetza stands in the north site of the town and the old port, the endless beach with the small taverns and cafes will make your guide through the town a memorable experience!


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